The 3 Most Used Laser Engraving Machine Accessories in 2024

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At Omtech, we offer a wide variety of accessories and tools to meet the diverse needs of laser engraving and cutting. Whether you're just starting out in the laser field or have launched your own business with a laser engraving machine, it's common to initially invest in basic related accessories or tools, such as LightBurn software and laser engraving materials. However, as your business grows and you use these equipment frequently, you'll need more laser accessories to enhance the convenience, support, and maintenance of laser engraving production while creating more unique works in your projects.

With the wide range of laser tools and accessories available, it can be challenging to decide where to start. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 3 accessories of this year based on user purchases and reviews, and how they can effectively enhance your laser experience. Some tools can help you get started, while other accessories can help you expand your business.

Water Chiller

Why is it necessary to use a water chiller with a laser engraving machine?

When using a laser cutting machine for extended periods, the laser beam generates heat. This heat buildup can damage the material being engraved as well as the laser tube itself, resulting in improper functioning of the laser cutting machine. OMTech experts recommend maintaining the laser tube temperature between 15 and 25°C. Within this temperature range, the CO2 laser can operate safely and efficiently without compromising precision and stability.

Therefore, it is necessary to use an external water chiller along with the laser engraving machine to control the temperature during the laser engraving process.

What power water chiller is needed for a CO2 laser engraver?

For low-power CO2 laser engraving machines (40W), air cooling can be used to effectively remove excess heat and cool the CO2 laser tube to room temperature (provided that the room temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius). This ensures the optimal operating temperature of the engraving machine. Considering economic considerations, the use of the LCW3000 water chiller is recommended, as it is capable of meeting the cooling needs of low-power laser engraving machines.

However, for medium to high-power CO2 laser engraving machines (50-150W), users should use an industrial circulation water chiller such as the LCW5200 water chiller, which provides deionized water at a stable flow rate and temperature. This chiller continuously supplies cooling water to the laser head. High-power laser water chillers ensure long-term non-corrosive performance and provide stable cooling for the laser, thereby extending the machine's lifespan and maintaining the laser tube at the optimal working temperature.

It is important to note that if you are operating a laser engraving business and using the laser engraving machine for 8 hours a day, even with a low-power machine (40W), prolonged use will generate heat in the laser generator. Therefore, it is recommended to use the LCW5200 6L industrial water chiller as it is suitable for low-power laser engraving machines but can also successfully cool high-power laser systems up to 150W.

Rotary Attachment

Why is a rotary attachment used in laser engraving?

The use of a rotary attachment will expand your engraving capabilities and give your small business a competitive edge. Let me explain how you can utilize the rotary attachment to engrave different objects with a laser. Here are some notable examples of items you can engrave using the rotary attachment: cups, wine bottles, glassware, among others. Any small business owner or beginner enthusiast using a laser engraving machine can use the rotary attachment to engrave curved objects and increase the diversity of their products.

The rotary attachment allows you to perform laser engravings on curved objects made of various materials (cylindrical, cylinder-shaped, or spherical). Specifically, it has two ends to hold the workpiece and rotate continuously during the engraving process. The main concept of this device is to secure and rotate the object to achieve a 360-degree engraving without the object coming loose. Additionally, it is important to note that this accessory has three basic designs:

  1. LRA-KP58: Rotary chuck design.
  2. LRA-GL49: Rotary wheel design.
  3. LRA-0730: Rotary drum design.

How to choose the right rotary attachment as an accessory for your laser engraving machine?

The rotary chuck type (LRA-KP58) can engrave objects with a maximum length of 22 cm and a maximum diameter of 8 cm. This type of chuck device offers greater control over different objects but lacks the adjustability for conical objects.

The rotary wheel type (LRA-GL49) has two sets of adjustable wheels, with a maximum length between the wheels of 35 cm and a maximum diameter of 15 cm. Although the rotary wheel device does not offer the same precision control as the chuck device, it can accommodate conical or angled objects.

The rotary drum type (LRA-0730) can engrave objects with a maximum length of 26 cm and a diameter of 7 cm. The rotary drum device is the easiest to use but is only suitable for completely cylindrical objects.

Smoke Extractor

Why is it recommended to use a smoke extractor during the laser engraving process?

Laser engraving machines release various harmful compounds and gases when working with different materials. It is essential to remove these gases and particles to ensure the operator's safety and maintain a healthy working environment in laser cutting and engraving facilities.

Therefore, it is important to use a smoke extractor, especially in windowless rooms, that can extract the harmful gases and particles through ducts and purify the air using an efficient high-efficiency HEPA filter. The filtered gases can then be expelled outside through the ducts without causing contamination in the natural environment.

If you are only going to use one laser engraving machine, I would recommend the LSP-XF18 smoke extractor. This is our best-selling model and is the accessory that many customers choose along with the machine, as it can meet their air filtering needs.

However, if you are going to use multiple machines at the same time, I would recommend the LSP-XF25 smoke extractor, as it has higher power and two exhaust ducts. This will allow you to simultaneously filter the air for multiple laser engraving jobs.


OMTech laser equipment has brought significant changes to many businesses and has even helped create new businesses from scratch in some cases. While laser cutting machines are powerful tools on their own, laser cutting machine accessories can help improve the efficiency, profitability, and safety of these machines. These laser accessories are the best products available on the market, and we are pleased to see how you are using them to take your creative and laser business to a new level. Get more accessories for your laser machine right now!

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