About Us

OMTech company

Serving the laser engraving industry

We have more than ten years of experience in the laser engraving industry before founding OMTech in Anaheim, California. We saw a high demand for customer service and technical support in the US, so we hired experienced laser technicians and 30-year industry veterans to solve customer problems efficiently and effectively. This new, standalone brand has quickly grown to become the largest online seller of laser engravers. Our goal: to make high-quality laser machines accessible to everyone.

The OMTech community was born

Rygel Advanced Machines
1150 N Red Gum St Suite F, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States
VAT ID: GB436488561

Our exciting startup quickly grew into a trusted small business. We have established an exclusive factory partnership to continuously carry out product improvements and enhance quality assurance. Hobbyists and small businesses have come together in online forums and social media groups to create a network of engravers who share knowledge and solve problems together. As the community grows, OMTech users like you are proving that professional machines don't have to come at a high price.

Moving forward together

We're still committed to supporting artists and makers who are building their businesses in a workshop. We work on exciting innovations to keep OMTech users at the cutting edge of laser engraving because we know that our growth is inseparable from your success. By making quality engraving machines accessible to all, we enable artisans and creatives to realize limitless laser work. OMTech — Beaming with Possibilities

We offer the best laser for your needs

Whether you're a professional engraver or an avid DIY enthusiast, we understand your need for pinpoint precision at a great price. Our devices are equipped for every need - from desktop engravers to 100W for small businesses.

California based

Our headquarters are in sunny Anaheim, California. Our team is full of enthusiasm today and is working on innovations for tomorrow. With our US-based customer care and technical support teams, we're always here to help. We also have a showroom in Anaheim to welcome newcomers to the laser world.