LightBurn Software

Explore laser engraver software for CO2 laser machines and fiber laser markers. Find out why OMTech machines use the best laser engraving software: Lightburn! With intuitive features and seamless control over your laser machine, buy Lightburn laser software for your laser engraver now.


1. Is LightBurn free software?
No, LightBurn is a one-time, paid software program for laser engraving/cutting machines.
2. How much is Lightburn software?
Lightburn software for laser engraving is between £119.99-£179.99, depending on your laser machine.
3. What machines are compatible with Lightburn?
Lightburn software is compatible with CO2 laser engravers 40W and above and fiber laser engravers.
4. What operating system is needed for Lightburn?
Lightburn needs macOS 10.11 or later, Windows 7.0 or later, and specific 64-bit Linux versions to operate.