130W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine & Cutter with 1400x900mm Working Area | Max-1493

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130W Powerful and Lightning Fast
Increase your efficiency and achieve impressive engraving speeds with our 130W laser engraver. With a maximum engraving speed of 600 mm/s, our device enables fast and precise engravings on a wide range of materials.
1400x900mm Processing Area
With a product size of 200x144x95cm and a net weight of 308kg, this CO2 laser engraving machine boasts a processing area of 1400x900mm and a loading area of 1485x985mm, allowing for the processing of larger objects. Simultaneous engraving or cutting of multiple parts enables efficient mass production.
Automatic Focusing
No more tedious manual adjustments or trial and error. You can easily focus the laser at the push of a button thanks to the motorized height-adjustable processing tables.
Compatible with Rotary Axes
Rotary axis (sold separately) compatibility enables precise 3D engraving of round and cylindrical objects such as cups, bottles, and spheres, opening up creative design possibilities.
Versatile Dual Height Adjustable Platforms
The honeycomb table provides precise support for small parts and enables reflection-free cuts on materials such as leather, paper, aluminium foil, and other soft substances. The aluminium slat table prevents reflections, offers ample space, and allows flexible adjustment of the slats. It is particularly suitable for processing acrylic glass, thick panels, and other hard materials.
Get Right to Work
No more struggling with manual adjustments or guesswork. This laser engraving machine's workbeds adjust up and down at the touch of a button and the preinstalled autofocus will automatically find the right focal distance for you.
Compatible with Multiple Software
Powerful DSP and FPGA processors ensure precise and fast processing of complex details and files with enormous sizes of up to 256 MB. Compatibility with popular LightBurn software (sold separately) and free RDWorks
Safety of CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Radiation Levels
Our OMTech CO2 laser engraving machine emits a wavelength of 10600 nm with a measured radiation power of 3.42 W/m2, well below the Class 1 limit of 1000 W/m2 for invisible lasers. This confirms that our machine is safe for prolonged use without causing harm to eyes or skin, ensuring a secure working environment for users.
Top-Level Safety Relays Certified by SGS
Our laser engraving machines use safety relays of the highest safety level. The safety relays are certified by the world's largest testing organization, SGS, and comply with the ISO 13849-1:2023 standard. The safety architecture and performance level meet PL e with Cat. 4.
Advanced Water Cooling System
Our engraver includes an advanced water cooling system to efficiently dissipate heat from the laser tube, ensuring optimal performance and extending the machine's lifespan.
Built-In Air Assist for Cleaner Cuts
The built-in air assist efficiently removes smoke and dust during operation, protecting your laser lenses and reflective mirrors. It ensures clearer cuts and extends the life of your machine, providing enhanced performance and longevity with every use.
Laser Class 1 and CE Compliant
Thanks to its closed construction, locking system, emergency stop button, key switch, monitoring of water flow, and other safety devices, the OMTech Laser achieves Laser Class 1 for engraving on flat surfaces.
Powerful Exhaust Fan
With a 75W AC motor running quietly at 2600 RPM, this exhaust fan delivers a continuous airflow of 9 m³/min, minimizing energy consumption while effectively maintaining a constant indoor air quality.The exhaust fan is included at no extra cost!
Materials that can be processed with a CO2 laser
Engraving Cutting
Engraving Cutting
Metal Coating
Stainless Steel
Engraving Cutting
Metal Coating
Stainless Steel
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130W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine & Cutter with 1400x900mm Working Area | Max-1493 50W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine & Cutter with 500x300mm Engraving Area | Turbo-535 150W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine & Cutter with 1600x1000mm Working Area | Max-1615
Technical Specifications
Product Information

Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
Max. Engraving Speed: 600 mm/s
Focus Adjustment: Autofocus
Certification: CE

Bistable Safety Relay: Cat.4 PLe (EN 13849-1)

Fire protection class of the PC cover: V-2
Product Dimensions (L×W×H): 200 × 144 × 95 cm
Package Dimensions (L×W×H): 212 × 156 × 126 cm
Net Weight: 308 kg

Working Area

Processing Area (L×W): 1400x900 mm
Loading Area (L×W): 1485x985 mm
Max. Workpiece Height: 150 mm
Processing Tables: Honeycomb and Aluminium Blade Tables
Height Adjustment: Automatic

About the Laser

Laser Type: CO2
Laser Power: 130W
Processing Accuracy: 0.01 mm
Laser Precision: up to 1000 dpi
Laser Wavelength: 10.6 μm

Laser Safety Class: Class 1 (With the optional hatch, the laser machines become a laser safety class 4 device.)
Laser Tube Length: 1450 mm
Laser Tube Diameter: 60 mm
Laser Tube Lifespan: 8,000 hours (>70% power); 10,000 hours (40%–70% power); 12,000 hours (<40% power)

Air and Water Cooling

Laser Tube Cooling: Water Cooling
Exhaust Fan Airflow: 326 m³/hr.
Air Compressor Airflow: 30 L/min.
Laser Head Airflow: 15 L/min.

Software and Connection

Included Operating Software: RDWorks (Windows)

Compatible Operating Software: CorelLaser, LightBurn (Windows, MacOS), CorelDRAW, AutoCAD

Compatible Image Formats: .ai, .bmp, .dxf, .gif, .hpgl, .jpeg, .pdf, .plt, .png, .rd, .svg, .tiff, .tga

Graphic Operating Modes: Raster, Vector, or Combined Modes

Connection/Transmission: USB Flash Drive, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable


2-Year Warranty on Parts

6-Month Warranty on Laser Tube and Power Supply

Package List

1 × 130W Laser Engraving Machine
2 × Water Pipes
1 × Exhaust Pipe
1 × USB Flash Drive
1 × USB Cable
1 × Ethernet Cable
1 × Wrench Set
2 × Laser Keys
2 × Access Keys
1 × User Manual

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