Are you curious about turning regular rocks into custom masterpieces? Welcome to the world of stone laser engraving! You can carve detailed patterns, heartfelt words, and beautiful pictures with lasers. You can carve them onto all kinds of stones, like tough granite or classy marble. And yes, you absolutely can engrave stones with lasers! 

In this guide, we'll cover all you need to know about stone laser engraving. We'll cover the best methods and the coolest tools. Whether you're a pro or just starting, get ready for an awesome journey. It's into stone laser engraving!

Can you laser engrave stones?

Absolutely! Stone laser engraving is not only possible but also highly effective. Laser technology has advanced. Now, engraving intricate designs on many kinds of stones is easy. 

Laser engraving offers precise and detailed results. It works on granite, marble, slate, and even pebbles. With the right tools and methods, you can make beautiful engravings. They will add a personal touch to any stone. So, if you're wondering whether you can laser engrave stones, the answer is yes!

What type of laser engraver can engrave stone?

Can CO2 lasers engrave stone?

Yes, CO2 lasers are commonly used for stone engraving. These machines are powerful. They produce high-energy beams. The beams can etch designs onto various types of stones, like granite, marble, and slate.

Can a Diode Laser Engrave Stone?

Diode lasers are mostly used for engraving wood and acrylic. But they can also engrave some types of stone. However, their power and precision may be limited compared to CO2 lasers.

Can a Fiber Laser Engrave Stone?

Fiber lasers can engrave metals, plastics, and other hard materials. However, they are less commonly used for engraving stone. They may be able to etch some types of stone. But, they are less suited for this than CO2 lasers.

All three laser types can engrave stone to some extent. But, CO2 lasers are usually the best for high-quality results on many stone materials.

What Are the Best Stones for Laser Engraving?

Certain rocks stand out for laser engraving. They are suitable and look great. Granite and marble are particularly popular choices.


Granite is known for its durability and beauty. It is a top pick for laser engraving. Granite is great for intricate designs. It is used for both memorial headstones and garden stones. Laser-engraved granite memorials cost more. But they have many material options. These include granite, sandstone, slate, and natural stone slabs. 

Laser engraving creates unique contrast effects. They appear on different materials and add to the appeal of these creations. Beyond memorials, granite can also personalize bricks, pebbles, tiles, and more. It adds value to art embraced by companies, architects, and landscapers.


Marble is prized for its elegance and timeless charm. It is also an excellent choice for laser engraving. Marble has a smooth surface and distinctive veining. It works well for detailed and intricate patterns. You can engrave personalized gifts or make decorative accents. Marble adds a luxurious touch to any project.

Both granite and marble are great for laser engraving on rocks. Each has unique qualities. You might seek durability and versatility with granite. Or, you might want sophistication and refinement with marble. These stones will elevate your laser engravings.

Stone Laser Engraving Ideas

Personalized Gifts

Engrave names, dates, or special messages onto stones. This creates special gifts. They are for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions. You can use these personalized stones as paperweights. You can also use them as garden markers or as home decorations.

Memorial Stones

Create lasting tributes to loved ones or pets by engraving their names, images, or heartfelt messages onto stones. These memorial stones can be placed in gardens, parks, or other meaningful locations to honor and remember those who have passed away.

Business Signage

Use laser engraving. It creates custom signs or plaques on stones. Carve company logos, contact info, or slogans onto stones. This creates eye-catching signs for storefronts, offices, or trade shows.

OMTech's stone laser engraving technology offers precision and versatility. It is for personalizing gifts, commemorating memories, and enhancing business signage. It has endless design options and can work with many stone materials. Try stone laser engraving with OMTech. It will unleash your imagination!

Best Laser Engravers for Stone

The OMTech Turbo 535 is a great option for laser engraving on stone. It offers remarkable performance and versatility.

OMTech Turbo 535 - 50W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

The OMTech Turbo 535 has a 50W CO2 laser. It can deeply engrave up to 0.4" (10mm) into non-metallic materials like stone, wood, glass, acrylic, and leather. It delivers efficient and precise results with speeds of up to 23.6 inches per second (600 mm/s).

The OMTech Turbo 535 accommodates large workpieces, featuring two-way pass-through functionality, expanding creative possibilities. It has two workbeds. They are versatile and have honeycomb and knife blade engraving platforms.

The intuitive RUIDA digital controller controls laser settings and project management. The OMTech Turbo 535 has USB and Ethernet ports. It works with LightBurn software. It also has safety features. These include flame-retardant material and a widened viewing window. They ensure a safe and user-friendly engraving experience.

The FDA-approved OMTech Turbo 535 comes with a 2-year warranty on machine parts and hardware. It also has dedicated tech support. This gives users reliability and peace of mind.

The OMTech Maker 25 is a top choice for stone laser engraving. It offers reliability, flexibility, and great performance. It meets diverse engraving needs.

Turbo-756: Unleash Your Creativity with Precision Stone Engraving

The Turbo-756 by OMTech stands out as a top contender for the title of the best laser engraver for stone. Its 60W CO2 laser can precisely cut. It can engrave stone and non-metallic materials. Thanks to its high performance, it can cut up to 0.4" (10mm) deep. It can cut materials like wood, glass, acrylic, and leather. Users can get started quickly and with less effort, making the Turbo-756 particularly user-friendly and efficient for various engraving projects.

Its four-way pass-through functionality enables working with larger pieces, offering expanded creative possibilities. The Turbo-756 also boasts a larger working area of 20" x 28", making it suitable for larger projects.The dual workbeds have honeycomb and knife blade engraving platforms. They ensure versatility for diverse projects.

Dive into your work confidently, knowing that the Turbo-756 is engineered for reliability. Its high-performance DC tube delivers consistent power for up to 1000 hours. It lasts twice as long at lower settings. The machine has certifications from the FDA and CE. 

Enjoy peace of mind with OMTech's full coverage. It includes a 2-year warranty on machine parts and hardware. You also get dedicated tech support. The Turbo-756 offers an unparalleled stone engraving experience. It is the best choice for your engraving needs, whether you're a pro or a novice.

What are the Laser Settings for Engraving on Stone?

Engraving on stone requires the right laser settings. Getting the perfect results hinges on them. Here’s a detailed breakdown to guide you:

Power: Determine the energy delivered to the stone surface. For a 50W laser, set the power between 70% to 90%. For a 60W laser, set the power between 60% to 80%.

Speed: For a 50W laser, use a speed between 100 mm/s to 200 mm/s. For a 60W laser, set the speed between 150 mm/s to 250 mm/s.

Frequency: Set the frequency between 500 Hz to 1000 Hz. Higher frequencies can produce finer details but may also result in more material being removed.

DPI (Dots Per Inch): Tailor the resolution to your design's intricacy. Working with software like LightBurn allows for precise control over DPI settings, enabling users to render fine details clearly.

Focus: Adjust the laser's focal length to ensure sharp and clear engraving. An autofocus feature can make finding the right focal distance as easy as pressing a button, saving time and effort.

Consider these points. OMTech laser engraving machine has advanced capabilities. It can help you achieve professional-grade results. These results will bring life to your designs on stone. You may need to experiment to adjust the settings for your project. But, with OMTech's reliable performance and support, your creations will truly shine.

Advantages of Laser Engraving Compared to Sandblasting and Mechanical Engraving

Laser engraving has many advantages over traditional methods. These include sandblasting and mechanical engraving. These benefits include:

Laser engraving allows for personalized designs. It adds value to the final product.

The laser engraving is digitally controlled. This ensures precise results.

Laser engraving offers flexible and permanent customization. This is true even with small batches. It meets diverse needs and preferences well.

Laser engraving enables precise and flexible contour engravings. It achieves intricate designs with remarkable accuracy.

Laser engraving usually costs less. Sandblasting uses compressed air, which has high maintenance costs.

Consistent Results with Wear-Free Tools: Laser engraving tools are wear-free. They give reliable results and don't need frequent replacements.

Laser engraving produces the best results for photos. It captures tiny details with great clarity and depth.

Laser engraving enables fast machining. It avoids the need for pre-and post-processing. This speeds up production and cuts turnaround times.


Laser engraving rocks is a great way to personalize them. It also makes stunning designs.

Laser technology makes stone engraving fast, precise, and customizable. It's used on granite, marble, or other stones. Laser engraving offers even results and fine details. Traditional methods can't match them. Stone laser engraving is versatile and easy to use. It has become essential for adding a personal touch to projects.

In conclusion, stone laser engraving transforms ordinary rocks into customized masterpieces. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, laser engraving offers endless possibilities. Stone laser engraving is fast, precise, and versatile. It is the best way to make unique designs on stone surfaces.

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