How to Make a DIY Picture Frame: Laser Engraved Photo Frame at Home

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After capturing your precious moments, why not showcase them in a custom photo frame? Creating a unique and personalized frame adds a special touch, and making it yourself can be even more meaningful.

Using a laser cutter simplifies the process, enabling intricate designs. It brings your ideas to life for less than buying a pre-made frame.

In this article, we'll guide you through everything you need to know before beginning your engraving project. We provide a comprehensive guide, covering material selection to a step-by-step tutorial.

Can you engrave a picture frame?

Yes, you can engrave a picture frame! You can handcraft a picture frame and add personalized engravings. However, for beginners, using a laser cutter to cut and engrave a picture frame will be much simpler and more precise. Laser cutting allows for detailed designs and clean edges, making it an excellent choice for those new to woodworking and engraving.

Materials Needed for DIY Photo Frames

To create your DIY photo frame, you will need the following materials:

  • Wood or other preferred frame material
  • Glass or acrylic sheet for the frame cover
  • Backing board (cardboard or MDF)
  • Laser cutter/engraver (OMTech Polar recommended)
  • Wood glue or frame assembly hardware
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or wood finish (optional)
  • Hanging hardware (e.g., hooks or stand)

How to Manually Make a DIY Picture Frame

1. Cutting the Frame Pieces

Start by cutting your frame pieces to the desired size. You will require four parts: two for the sides and two for the top and bottom. You can cut them with a table saw or miter saw, or have them pre-cut at a hardware store. Typically, a 45-degree angle is best for corners.

If you find the dust from sawing too cumbersome, we highly recommend the OMTech POLAR 350 CO2 laser cutter and engraver. This machine allows you to cut wood strips in an airtight environment by simply placing them in the machine.

2. Assembling the Frame

Once your pieces are cut, use wood glue or frame assembly hardware to join the pieces together. Make sure the corners are at right angles and the structure is solid. To increase durability, secure the corners with nails. Choose screws that are at least 1/4″ longer than the wood's thickness. Let the adhesive dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Sanding and Finishing

Smooth the frame by sanding it to eliminate any rough edges and get it ready for finishing.

4. Adding the Backing and Glass

Cut the backing board to fit snugly into the frame. Attach the glass or acrylic sheet to the front of the frame to protect the photo. Secure the backing board in place using small nails or clips.

Enhancing Your Personalised Photo Frame with Laser Engraving

Features of the OMTech Polar 350 Laser Engraver

The OMTech Polar 350 Laser Engraver is a powerful tool. It can elevate your DIY photo frame with custom engravings. Here’s why the OMTech Polar stands out:

Compact and Powerful Design

The OMTech Polar's elegant and compact design makes it perfect for desktop use. Although it is compact, it is equipped with a powerful 50W CO2 laser that can precisely engrave a variety of materials.

Versatile Material Compatibility

This laser engraver can handle materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and plastic. It can also handle more materials. It offers endless creative options for your projects.

Built-In Camera and Auto-Focus

The Polar 350 features a 5-megapixel panoramic camera that provides a real-time view of your engraving projects. The auto-focus laser head ensures accurate and hassle-free engraving, even on irregular surfaces.

Efficient Ventilation and Safety Features

The OMTech Polar 350 has a built-in ventilation and filtration system. It prevents overheating and ensures your workspace remains safe. It complies with rigorous safety and environmental standards.

5 Step to Photo Frame Engraving with OMTech Laser Engraver

Our example machine is the OMTech POLAR 350 CO2 laser engraver. If you have another model, then the engraving process is the same. The software we use here is Lightburn, but you can also use other software for other models.

Designing Your Engraving

Use design software that works with the OMTech Polar, like LightBurn. Use it to create your engraving pattern. This could be a name, date, or decorative pattern.

Safety Check

Taking all safety measures before using a laser machine is crucial. Laser beams can damage the retina, so wear glasses designed to protect your eyes from laser beams.

The OMTech Polar has an integrated ventilation and filtration system. An easy-to-install exhaust fan keeps the air flowing. It does this by removing gases and debris from the work area. Ensure good air circulation in your workspace for further safety.

Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby and never leave the machine unattended.

Setting Up the Machine

Connect the OMTech laser to your computer with the USB cable. Place the frame or material into the engraving machine, ensuring it is securely positioned. Use the panoramic camera to align the design perfectly.

  • Speed: For wooden picture frames, a speed setting typically between 1000 to 3000 mm/s is common. Adjust the speed based on the intricacy of the design and desired engraving quality.
  • Power: The power setting usually ranges from 20% to 60%, depending on the density and hardness of the wood. Begin with a lower power setting and slowly increase it until you reach the desired engraving depth without burning the wood.
  • Number of Passes: Begin with a single pass to test the engraving on a scrap piece of wood. If the engraving is too shallow, increase the number of passes until you reach the desired depth. Generally, to 3 passes are sufficient for most wooden picture frames.

Engraving Designs

Follow the instructions to engrave your design onto the frame. The OMTech Polar’s high-speed engraving and precision laser ensure professional results.

Finishing Touches

Once the engraving is finished, clean the frame to remove any dust or debris. You may also opt to apply a protective coating to the engraved area.

FAQ About DIY and Engraved Photo Frame

How do you personalize a picture frame?

You can customize a picture frame. You can do this through methods like custom engraving, hand-painting, decoupage, and embellishments. You can also use photo transfer, collage, or theme-based decor.

How do you make a picture frame without using wood?

Create a picture frame using materials like cardboard, paper, or fabric. Plastic or metal can also work, no wood is needed.

Is it cheaper to make your own picture frames?

Making your own picture frames can be cheaper than buying pre-made frames. This is especially true if you already have some essential materials or can reuse items. By making your own frames, you have more control over the cost. You can choose inexpensive materials and customize the design to suit your style.

What wood is best for picture frames?

Choose hardwoods. Examples include maple, oak, cherry, walnut, and mahogany. They are durable and elegant for picture frames. Poplar stains well, pine adds rustic charm, and alder is versatile. Maple's durability and light color make it ideal for different finishes.


Making picture frames with a laser machine is an exciting DIY project. It turns plywood or wood into stunning custom frames. You can design your own frame or use pre-made laser-cut templates online. You can use them to engrave names, dates, quotes, or other personal touches. This will make your frame unique.

This guide provides a step-by-step process to help you through the whole project. It covers making the frame to engraving it. With the OMTech Polar 350 Laser Engraver, known for its precision and advanced features, you have all the tools needed to create beautiful DIY projects.

Explore the endless options. Share your frames with the OMTech community or on social media. Use your laser machine's power. It can bring your ideas to life and make stunning DIY projects for you or potential clients.

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