The best value for money Fiber Galvo Laser Marker and Engraver in 2024

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Have you not yet found the metal laser engraver that best suits your company's needs? In this blog, we will guide you through the best Galvo laser engravers for 2024. Drawing on OMTech Laser's experience in the laser engraving industry, as well as customer feedback and product reviews. In this blog, we will look at technical specifications, applications, and advantageous features. We would like to recommend the best fiber optic laser engraver and marker to buy in 2024 - OMTech F-50.

What is a Galvo Laser Machine?

Galvo Laser Machines use motorized mirrors and high speed to move the laser beam through its lens. Depending on the position and field, the laser beam can dive into the material at a greater or lesser angle to create different marking and cutting effects. It can also guide the laser beam at an extremely fast pace, ensuring repeatability and high precision. The ideal Galvo Laser Machine offers short marking times without compromising the high quality of the marking.

What are the differences between a Galvo laser machine and a fiber laser machine?

Unlike fiber lasers, Galvo laser engravers and markers direct the laser beam directly onto the selected material. Typically, fiber lasers deflect engraving along the X and Y axes. Thus, whereas older fiber lasers required large processing areas, Galvo machines can operate in reduced production spaces.

Superior Specifications

Among the numerous fiber optic galvo machines on the market, the OMTech F-50 50W fiber optic laser engraver stands out for its technical parameters and superior features:

Wavelength: 1064nm,
Cooling Mode: Air cooling,
Pulse Frequency: up to 45-170KHZ,
Marking Speed: up to 7000mm/s,
Marking Depth: up to 1mm, multiple marking up to 2mm,
Working Area: 200x200mm,
Product Voltage: 220V-240V,
Product Power: 50W.

Our OMTech fiber galvo laser marker and engraver provides a significant advantage to individuals or businesses that use it due to these excellent technical parameters. This is further explained below...

Why is the OMTech F-50 50W fiber laser engraver the best value for money in 2024?

Laser engraving and marking with higher speed and precision for a wide range of marking needs.

Thanks to the features of the Galvo laser, the 50W fiber optic marker is faster than CO2 laser engravers and diode laser engravers, with marking speeds of up to 7000mm/s. This metal laser marker reduces latency and increases its working speed. Its high stability ensures rapid scanning, engraving, and turning.

Multimaterial compatibility, can be applied to different types of materials for laser marking and engraving.

Low-power fiber laser markers are typically used for surface marking on flat metal surfaces (including bare metals, coated, painted, and with various finishes, including shiny, matte, and brushed metals), as well as plastics, polymers, silicone, and rubber.

The OMTech F50, with its 50W power, not only meets the aforementioned metal marking requirements but can also be used for embossing and deep engraving on soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper, as well as soft metals like aluminum, brass, copper, silver, and gold.

Red Dot Preview, visual preview before engraving.

It incorporates a grid for the workspace and an external laser positioner for quick and precise alignment and focusing; the grid points make it easy to place strips to keep the material always in the correct position.

Ease of use and Safety

Easy to handle and suitable for all types of users, due to the nature of the Galvo fiber laser, the OMTech F-5 is compact enough to be used in a variety of environments and easy to move. It offers adaptability and convenience.
And most importantly, compared to other products, OMTech provides a free cover to protect the user during laser engraving in accordance with Class 1 laser standards and CE requirements. More safety.

Wide range of applications

This fiber optic engraving machine is suitable for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: integrated circuit chips, electronic and communication products, automotive parts, appliances, molds, jewelry, and more. It can meet your multiple needs and has specific advantages such as expanding your business scope.


The F-50 Galvo fiber laser marking machine has features such as small size, good beam quality, no material noise, low cost, energy saving, environmental protection, no need for consumables, etc. OMTech's fiber engraving machine is even equipped with a safer shield to provide greater safety and convenience for customer applications. In summary, the 50W F-50 fiber laser marker is truly one of the most valuable fiber engraving machines in 2024 with its advanced technology, excellent performance, and wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for marking needs for metallic or non-metallic materials, this device can provide you with an effective and precise solution. Invest in the OMTech 50W fiber laser marker to make your marking and engraving work more efficient and precise.

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