Replacement Filter for OMTech Filter Fume Extractor XF18 | LSP-0F18
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Technical Specifications

If workplace safety is important to you, you know that air filters need to be regularly replaced to prevent clogs that can lead to inferior air quality and faulty equipment.

OMTech helps you with this by providing a complete set of high-quality filters. This is the exact filter set for our XF18 smoke extractors. Each primary air filter is used alongside the XF18 smoke extractor's H11 HEPA and activated carbon filters and serves as the first line of defense against harmful fumes in your work environment. Thanks to its high filtration efficiency, this nylon filter replacement easily removes 99% of larger airborne particles up to the size of PM 50, including dust, dirt, and more, while you work on applications that produce heavy smoke, such as laser engraving, CNC machining, soldering, and welding. The intuitive design of this air filter allows for quick and easy replacement. Each piece extends the reliable operation of your smoke filter by about another month.

Keep your XF18 smoke extractor running with this powerful pre-filter replacement set and ensure greater safety and cleanliness in the workplace!

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