60W Laser Power Supply for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine | LN-60
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Why you need an OMTech power supply
Technical Data
  • This power supply can be directly connected to CO2 laser engraving machines 60W or lower. It can receive feedback from the interface, enabling precise control and accurate testing of the laser's working current.
  • The built-in LCD display shows the current power output as well as the status of your machine's water protection system and laser. The separate TEST button speeds fault detection, so you can troubleshoot system problems with ease.
  • A protection circuit combined with a well-grounded enclosure ensure our power supply properly handles open-circuit faults and increases the service life of our power supply and your laser tube.  
  • Each connection port is clearly labeled for quick and easy installation, and the connectors from similar models easily plug in directly.
  • The laser power port can be controlled either by a 0 to 5V analog signal or a 5V amplitude PVM signal.
  • Every OMTech laser power supply is tested to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.
Technische Daten

• Dimensions: 197x161x91 mm
• Weight: 2.1 kg
• AC Input Frequency: 47 Hz - 440 Hz
• Max. Input Current: 3A
• Max. Output Voltage: 35kV DC
• Max. Output Current: 24mA DC
• Efficiency: 91%
• Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): ≥ 30,000 hr.
• Response Time: ≤ 1 millisecond
• High Level Voltage Range: ≥ 3.0V
• Low Level Voltage Range: ≤0.7V
• Cooling System: Forced Air Cooling
• Operating Environment: -30°C to 65°C
• Temperature Testing: Full load for 12 hours at 60°C
• Start/Stop Testing: Turned on and off 500 times in 7 sec.