Making your own wooden puzzle with a laser engraver

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Wood engraving is an ancient practice that has been revolutionized by the advent of laser engravers. These modern tools allow for transforming a simple wooden board into a work of art or a personalized and playful item like a puzzle. This guide will explain how to use a laser engraver to create a unique puzzle, integrating the engraving process into each step of the fabrication.

Puzzle design

Image selection

Choose an image that is dear to you for engraving. It could be a personal illustration, a family photo, or any other image that lends itself well to wood engraving.

Puzzle pattern creation

Using suitable software, convert your image into a puzzle pattern. Laser engraving enables cutting complex shapes, giving you complete freedom in designing your puzzle.

Preparation for laser engraving

Import your pattern into the laser engraving software. Adjust the engraving settings to optimize cutting the puzzle pieces based on the thickness and type of wood chosen.

Engraving and cutting of the puzzle

Wood selection

Choose a professional wood board suitable for laser engraving. Birch or plywood are recommended for their uniformity and favorable reaction to the laser.

Laser engraver settings

Set up your laser engraver for wood engraving. Adjust the power, speed, and accuracy of the machine to achieve clean cutting and detailed engraving.

Engraving and cutting process

Initiate the laser engraving. The engraver will precisely follow the pattern to engrave the image on the wood board before cutting out each puzzle piece.

Puzzle finishes

Cleaning and sanding

After engraving, clean the pieces to remove wood residues. Lightly sand the edges for a smooth finish.

Surface treatment

Apply a varnish or finishing oil to protect the wood engraving and enhance the engraved image.

Puzzle assembly

Test the assembly of your puzzle to ensure all pieces fit together perfectly.


Creating your custom puzzle with a laser engraver is a rewarding way to blend technology and craftsmanship. Wood engraving brings your images to life and provides a professional and lasting result.

Laser engraving opens up a world of possibilities for DIY enthusiasts. Whether for personal use or to create a professional plaque, the laser engraver is the perfect tool to customize your wooden projects. Unleash your creativity and start engraving today!

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