The Wonder of Galvo Laser Machines

The Wonder of Galvo Laser Machines

Let’s Laser Away!

In the last decade, Galvo fiber laser machines have had exponential growth with a wide range of capabilities and features. Galvo laser machines can boost a business’ efficiency in metal-based production and quality standards altogether. Furthermore, Galvo fiber laser marking machines can pack plenty of laser power into a compact design that is optimized to handle specialized applications.

What is a Galvo Laser Machine?

Galvo machines use motor-based mirrors and high speed to move the laser beam through its lens. Depending on the position and field, the laser beam can submerge into the material at a lower or higher angle to create different marking and cutting effects.

You can also guide the laser beam at an extremely fast pace and ensure repeatability and high precision. The ideal Galvo machine offers a short marking time without compromising high-quality markings.

There are several scientific differences between a Galvo and a fiber laser machine. For starters, the architecture and functional approach of a fiber laser is significantly different from a Galvo machine.

Unlike fiber laser and flatbed laser machines, Galvo machines directly hit laser beams onto the selective material. Ordinarily, the fiber laser deflects the beat along with the X & Y-axis. But the installation of a plotter system works in housing. Unlike old school fiber laser machines that require huge processing areas, Galvo machines can become operational in small production space.

When it comes to Galvo systems, you can expect the laser beams to emit onto two dynamic and rotatable mirrors with low inertia. And these mirrors are moved through galvanometer drives. Since there is relatively low mass acceleration, the Galvo laser beam can just move on top of the item with high precision, speed, and repetition.

The Popularity and Practicality of Galvo Machines

Today, you can find various Galvo markers in different wavelengths and power classes. Ideally, you should get a Galvo machine that caters to top-notch traceability and identification marking. You can use a fiber laser marker to mark logos, texts, alphanumeric codes, data matrix codes, and much more.

Moreover, highly communicative Galvo machines can ensure production autonomously and produce crucial data for identification. Most Galvo markers have a compact aluminum structure and feature game-changing components.

You can count on low maintenance, integration options, and a robust mechanism in a Galvo fiber laser marker. You can even roll out Galvo machines in multiple mounting positions. It means you can mount your Galvo machine on an X and Y axel system at your workstation. You can also leverage detachable side parts or pass-throughs to mark and mount bulkier items.

Project Ideas to Get Started

Metallic Plaques

With a Galvo laser machine, you can design elegant metal plaques. For instance, you can mark elaborate logos, detailed text, and clear images onto numerous metal materials such as bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, and steel to make beautiful plaques.

Remember that metallic plaques are perfect for indoor and outdoor uses. You can also use metal plaques for memorabilia, signage, awards, and more.

Metal Tiles to Create a Collage

Another intriguing idea is to mark tiles for improving your residential or commercial space. Hobbyists and crafters can mark metal tiles and render beautiful backsplashes for the kitchen.

Cutlery Engraving

If you want to make an impression on future dinner guests, you can use a Galvo machine to personalize stainless steel cutlery. Remember that Galvo fiber laser markers provide the utmost accuracy and quickest results. You can now make custom spoons, forks, and knives in order to enhance your cutlery’s beauty. Not to mention engraved cutlery makes up a perfect gift for your friends and family members.

Jewelry Engraving

Just like cutlery, you can use a Galvo laser machine to mark personalized designs and patterns on jewelry items. For instance, you can customize gold, brass, silver, and other types of metallic accessories. So, as long as you’re curious and innovative, this kind of project can unleash the endless possibilities of laser marking.

Key Advantages of OMTech Laser

Elevated Customer Experience

OMTech Laser believes in continuous user communication to provide the best service possible. Our sales staff and personnel ensure the best customer experience and offer additional information that allows users to improve the product.


OMTech Laser is aware of the current manufacturing trends and offers laser machines that are user-specific and live up to the market conditions. Our wide range of machines propels users to discover the endless possibilities of laser engraving.

Improved Product Characteristics

At OMTech Laser, we continue to enhance product details and improve essential attributes of Galvo lasers and other machines. OMTech Laser focuses on an all-in-one approach that revolves around market segmentation and surpassing client’s expectations.

Why Choose OMTech Laser?

OMTech Laser’s Galvo machines come with high precision and speed at an affordable price. We specialize in various laser cutting and laser engraving processes, concentrating on fabric perforation, wood engraving, and much more. You can find an impressive array of machines with many laser cutting and engraving capabilities.


At its core, Galvo machines come with a wide-range of wattage and bed size options. For starters, the design and integration processes can take the production standard to the next level. On top of all, Galvo machines don’t need maintenance or consumable parts. Unlike inkjet and labeling solutions, the ownership benefits of Galvo laser machines are more diverse. In hindsight, it would be fair to state that Galvo machines are ideal for your marking endeavors.

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