RDWorks: Boost Your Business with the Right Laser Engraving Software

RDWorks: Boost Your Business with the Right Laser Engraving Software


The latest laser engravers from OMTech are compatible with specialized laser software, such as RDWorks, LightBurn, and more. You can consider these programs as a platform that communicates designs to the laser machine for ultimate precision and accuracy. RDWorks is the standard software that comes with an OMTech machine, and has been a useful tool for many users. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of using RDWorks for your engraving projects.

RDWorks: Features and Specs

Laser engraving can be a profitable business. One of the biggest reasons is accessibility —  starting an engraving business is a small investment. All you need is an efficient laser engraving machine, game-changing accessories, and some hands-on experience. However, the engraving performance of your laser machine depends a lot on the software you choose for your engraving projects. The idea of slicing materials using a concentrated laser beam sounds simple. But the software you use is responsible for guiding the machine in a controlled manner.

Running a successful small business with your laser engraver requires creating eye-opening designs and products for your clients. Therefore, working with vector files and integrating them with your machine is key to a user's success.

These files include curves, points, lines, and varying shapes. One might ask; how can I engrave intricate designs and patterns while maintaining accuracy and precision?

That’s where having the right laser engraver software comes into play...

In addition to LightBurn, EzCad, and other popular laser engraving software, RDWorks is a standard program for creating and editing patterns for your engraving business. The program comes standard with Ruida-Controlled CO2 laser engravers.

You can use RDWorks on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP. The program delivers great capabilities for editing and creating intricate designs for laser engraving.

Other Notable Features

Small business owners and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for a smooth engraving performance can get quick and accurate results with RDWorks. The program supports polyline, horizontal and vertical lines, drawing points, and text Bezier curves. Here are some other notable features of RDWorks:

  • The software works more like a driver than a CAD/CAM system.
  • Creates quick and simple G-codes, a set of instructions for the laser, to communicate the amount of power to use and what to engrave.
  • Supports AI, DXF, PLT, DSB, DST vector formats and BMP, JPG, GIFT, PNG bitmap formats.

Why Choosing the Best Laser Engraving Software is Important

Since laser engraving can be a sophisticated process, small business owners, hobbyists, and crafters must use the right laser engraving software for achieving their desired result. Even the latest laser engraving machines will not render accurate designs if you don’t choose the right software.

Benefits of RDWorks for Your Small Business   

Like other laser engraving software, RDWorks is responsible for routing and engraving graphics or texts to help your small business. Apart from engraving jewelry, metal signs, hard plastics, and glass, here are some businesses that can benefit from the exceptional performance of RDWorks:

Memorabilia Design

Thanks to RDWorks’ excellent features, you can boost your memorabilia manufacturing business to unlimited potential. RDWorks helps you engrave complex designs, from logos to patterns and texts.

Business Cards

Even in today’s digital marketplace, business cards are still in high demand. If you want to engrave a unique business card for your client, RDWorks can help you engrave patterns, text, and logos on business cards. The best part is that your business cards no longer have to be on paper.. Some of today’s most popular materials for business cards include plastic, leather, and even stainless steel.

Since RDWorks can help your machine engrave on all these materials, you can take your business card engraving business to a new level.

Illustrations and Fine Art Drawings

If your engraving projects involve working on illustrations and fine art drawing pieces, RDWorks can boost your machine’s engraving performance with its vector-illustration technology for peak engraving performance.


RDWorks ranks among some of the best laser engraving software for printing a large range of outdoor and indoor signs. Thanks to its features, users can get excellent results for engraving signage.

Pros and Cons of RDWorks

RDWorks ranks as one of the most popular vector-based software to help you get the best performance out of your laser engraving machine. Thanks to its intuitive interface and a broad range of features, you can speed up your professional projects while scaling your small business.

Here are the pros and cons of using RDWorks for your engraving business:


  • Supports the majority of drawing lines

  • Easy to use compared to other engraving software

  • Supports CAD file  

  • Supports TrueType and single-line font

  • Boasts efficient image processing functions


  • You may experience lagging on the Windows OS.
  • Previous versions do not deliver the same performance as the latest version.

Learn to Use RDWorks with OMTech Laser

If you are looking to acquire laser engraving software along with a CO2 laser engraver, OMTech is a one-stop solution for all your engraving needs. RDWorks is built into our laser engraving machines and is the standard control board software.

In addition, if you're seeking professional training from our lead experts, we offer expert-led training on this software and more.

RDWorks Online Training Course

Here is a summary of what this training course covers:

  • Pre-Installation
  • Installation
  • Laser Operations
  • PC interfaces and Macros
  • Troubleshooting
  • Material settings
  • All commands and features

Our bonus package features:

  • Detailed videos to explain all components of your laser’s hardware.

  • Phone support for 90 days.

  • Job templates and clipart


Now is the perfect time to start growing your laser engraving business by using the best software and resources. Consider seeking professional training when you commit to a new laser software system. And remember, some software can be hard to operate — RDWorks make your job easier!
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