Financing OMTech Machines - Affordable Laser Engraver Payments

Financing OMTech Machines - Affordable Laser Engraver Payments

Making Laser Machines Accessible to All

Thanks to their precision capabilities, laser engravers have become a vital tool in many major industries. Creators, artists, and woodworkers are making magical custom merchandise with laser engraving machines — including jewel carving, fine art production, plaque engraving, and more.

It’s no surprise that DIY crafters and small business owners are increasingly interested in incorporating laser engraving machines into their production process. However, finding an affordable laser engraver can be difficult. That’s why OMTech has partnered with ClickLease to provide customers with affordable laser engraving financing options to make them more accessible.

Costs of Laser Engraving Machines

As most of you should know by now, laser engravers are coveted tools for businesses and other creative endeavors — but unfortunately, not everyone can afford a laser cutting machine. Even the cheapest laser engravers typically cost a few hundred dollars. These cheaper models are usually quite small, which limits the projects they can be used for. And as we all know, lower cost often correlates to lower quality.

The most expensive laser engravers tend to be large and powerful. Their increased size gives them increased stability, which corresponds to cleaner, more precise cuts. We know that for big projects, crafters want a machine with a big working area. At OMTech, we sell laser engravers with working areas of up to 35” x 55”, giving artisans the space and freedom to craft their dream projects.

The only downside to these larger machines is their price. The most advanced laser engravers can easily cost a few thousand dollars — or more. A particularly high-tech CO2 laser engraver will sell for up to $20,000. For a major company, these prices are no problem. But for home businesses and people taking up engraving as a hobby, making the investment can be a real challenge.

That’s where OMTech comes in. They are committed to providing more affordable laser engravers without sacrificing quality or professional capabilities. In fact, that’s all part of their mission statement: we’re making quality laser machines accessible to all.

Affordable ‌Laser Engraving Financing

We know buying a laser machine is a major financial investment, and we want to make that investment worthwhile. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with ClickLease to create easy-to-understand, low-cost financing options. This makes it so people have an affordable laser cutter they can use in their craft or business.

The lease application process is straightforward, with small monthly payments.

Let’s say someone wants to buy the ZF2435-100 - 100W CO2 Laser Engraver. Normally, the upfront cost would be $4,399.99. However, with financing, that price drops to a mere $129 per month. For other machines, the monthly payments can be as low as $60 per month. For those using their laser engraving machines to make products for their business, this fee is perfectly manageable  — all they have to do is make more than $60 in monthly business profits, and the machine pays for itself.

What is ClickLease all about?

ClickLease is an equipment financing company. Their applications typically take only a few minutes to complete. Thanks to their quick approval process, funding can be available within 24 hours. This makes ClickLease financing an ideal option for busy small business owners.

The leases ClickLease provides are different from loans. Loans involve borrowing money, and payments often come with interest. The more interest a loan accumulates, the harder it becomes to pay back. With a lease, however, payments stay consistent. There’s no fluctuation or interest, so clients know exactly how much they have to pay off. As a result, it’s much easier to budget with a lease than a loan.

‌Applying for a Lease

Lease application forms for OMTech’s products can be found online. The form first asks for some basic information, such as the name of the business, the industry it belongs to, and estimated annual revenue (although this last piece of information is not required). Next, clients state the amount of financing they are requesting and the machine they are requesting it for. 

With the customer's permission, ClickLease will obtain a consumer credit report from the applicant. Those with imperfect credit histories shouldn’t worry about being rejected. ClickLease offers a variety of payment plans tailored to individual financial needs. Accessing consumer credit reports simply helps ClickLease determine which payment plan is most appropriate.

After applying, all the applicant has to do is wait. ClickLease will quickly make a decision and respond with further information. Once the financing request is approved, our team will confirm the order and confirm the terms with the customer. The whole process is rapid and hassle-free.

‌Key Advantages of Laser Engraver Financing

The ClickLease lease agreement promises:

  • An easy application process
  • A quick response
  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive rates compared to other financing options

Buying a laser cutter isn’t something customers have to save up enormous sums of money to accomplish. With laser engraving financing, any engraver can become affordable. Instead of scraping together enough cash for an upfront payment, small business owners can lease their machine with small monthly payments. 

To learn more, we encourage creators to peruse our collection of laser engravers and fiber markers. If something looks too expensive, don’t worry — with laser engraver financing, there’s no such thing as an unaffordable machine.

You’ve been approved. Now What?

In order to take advantage of affordable laser engraver financing, add your desired machine to your cart on the OMTech website. You’ll find the option “Financing, Apply Now” at the checkout page next to the ClickLease logo. The link will take you to ClickLease's application page. To be approved, they require you to have a business checking account with at least 30 days of activity associated with your company. In many cases, it only takes about 5 minutes to get your approval notice! 

Once approved, you’ll pay a small portion of the cost upfront — anywhere from $79 to $399 based on the total amount of the loan. Monthly payments are due 30 days from the finalization date, which will be deducted automatically from the same business bank account on your application. The OMTech laser engraving machine is yours to use and profit with, but Click Lease technically owns it until you make your final payment.

The good news is that ClickLease offers helpful customer service support that can help arrange convenient payment options for you.

OMTech is proud to offer convenient monthly financing options — it’s just another way that we’re making high-quality, affordable laser engravers accessible to all.

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