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Decorative Thanksgiving Garland - SVG File for DIY Thanksgiving Craft

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String up the garland and pre-heat your oven; it's time to give thanks for all your good fortune. Enjoy this fun DIY laser engraving project with your family and friends while your turkey is cooking to perfection.

Please Note: This is a digital download and NOT a physical product. The following is compatible with LightBurn.

*This design is for personal use only

Skill level: Beginner

Materials & Supplies Needed:

  • 12" x 20" sheet of 1/8" Wood
  • Acrylic paints and/or paint pens
  • String/Twine cut to 6 ft.
  • Tape and/or hooks

    Project time:

    • Cut & Engrave Time: 10 minutes
    • Assembly Time: 10 minute
    • Paint Time: Varies

    Machine Settings:

    • Line (design outlines): 300 speed, 10 power
    • Line (cut): 14 speed, 10 power