4" Inline Duct Fan for 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter with Continuously Variable Speed Controller

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Need faster extraction of fumes and dust as you engrave? 


  • MINI BUT MIGHTY: OMTech's 10 cm inline duct fan employs a specially designed centrifugal impeller to pull up to 300 m3/h of air through its blades at 2500 rpm; this powerful little fan is ready for work removing heat, humidity, odours, or all three whenever and wherever needed, from bathrooms to paint tents to laser engraving workshops
  • STABLE & QUIET: Curved blades minimize airflow resistance to the point that this inline extractor fan operates under 50 decibels even at high speed; it runs super smoothly thanks to the protective vinyl cover which further muffles any sound and vibration
  • TOUGH & LONG-LIVED: The PVC cover, durable galvanized steel casing, and PA66 blades provide lightweight but dependable strength with IP44 protection, proof against water, humidity, and associated corrosion
  • PRECISION CONTROL: The external speed knob offers granular control of your exhaust fan's intensity, allowing custom adjustments that meet your all needs without wasteful overuse
  • EASILY INSTALLED: This laser engraver fan upgrade fits precisely with the vents on our 40W CO2 cutting and engraving machines but works just as well for gardening, painting, and much more; intuitive design and clear instructions guide installation in only a few minutes, after which you'll be enjoying better air quality for years to come!


  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 23.7 x 20.4 cm (11 x 9.4 x 8 in.)
  • Material: SPCC & Galvanised Steel, PVC, PA66 Nylon
  • Colour: Black
  • Rated Power: 60W
  • Current: 0.26 A
  • Duct Diameter: 10 cm (4 in.)
  • Max. Rotational Speed: 2500 rpm
  • Max. Airflow: 300 m3/h (177 cfm)
  • Max. Noise: 50 dB
  • IP Rating: 44
  • Net Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb.)
  • Certificate: CE, ETL

Package List

  • 1 x Inline Duct Fan
  • 1 x PVC Cover
  • 1 x Speed Controller
  • 1 x Instructions


The inline duct fan keeps your surroundings as fresh as a daisy. Designed for 4 inches (10 centimeters) ducts, this ventilation and exhaust fan eliminates odors and keeps your environment cleaner and safer.