40W CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Machine with 200x300mm Working Area & LCD control

40W CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Machine with 200x300mm Working Area & LCD control

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• Download the Manual

• Download the RDworks software

• NOTE: Does not include LightBurn Software

• Replacement: Air Purifier, Inline Fans, Laser TubePower SupplyWater ChillerRotary Axis.

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40W Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver Description

This 40W CO2 laser engraver continues to uphold our high standards with its digital control panel; long-lasting laser tube; integrated laser power supply; large 20x30 cm working area; and more. Accessible, versatile, and portable, you can do no better as you start your laser engraving journey than this powerful little desktop K40 from OMTech!

• 200 x 300 mm (8” x 12”) engraving area

• 70 x 50 x 25 cm (28” x 20” x 10”) overall dimensions

• Compact laser engraving machine with endless creative possibilities

• Engraving speed: 0 - 500 mm/s

• Cutting speed: 0-400 mm/s (actual speed depends on material)

• 12mm Focal lens diameter

• 20mm Mirror diameter

• Resolution up to 1500 dpi

• 1.3 cm Z-depth (Maximum workspace height)

• Perfectly compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (64/32 bit), XP, 2000, and Vista

• Work side-by-side with programs like Corellaser, CorelDraw (NOT compatible with LightBurn)

• Photo-ready for images in TIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, WMF, EMF, and PLT formats

• Not readily compatible with rotary axis devices

• The integrated power supply features increased response speed, performance, and cutting power - it’s beaming with possibilities!

• 40W CO2 laser tube with an estimated lifetime of 1000-1300 operation hours under recommended settings.

• High-precision stepper motor equipped to provide stability and extreme accuracy to your laser engraving projects

• Materialize your vision: Our CO2 lasers are capable of engraving materials such as wood, glass, leather, acrylic, and more.

• Metal etching requires a laser spray pre-treatment.

• DOUBLE DUTY WORK SURFACE: Equipped with a stabilizer clamp to hold irregular-shaped objects in place, and a vented level board for regular-shaped products.

• DIGITAL LCD CONTROLS: A user-friendly LCD control board sets the laser power.

• BUILT-IN VENTILATION: Integrated fan to boost laser performance, improve ventilation, and reduce noise. A triangular exhaust port and built-in air compressor create a safe work environment.

• SUPERIOR STEPPER MOTOR: Equipped with efficient stability to create immaculately finished products in less time.

• AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN: The auto-shutdown safety button stops the machine immediately in case of emergency. Once ready to resume working, press “Enter” to continue operation.

• USB port connects directly to flash drives and PCs.

• The water pump allows cooling of the laser tube, prolonging the machine's life.

• 1 x Laser Engraver Machine

• 1 x Vent Tube

• 1 x Water Pump

• 1 x USB Flash Drive with LaserDRW and Winseal

• 1 x USB Cable

• 1 x Instruction Manual

• No need to worry! We offer a 1-year warranty on all machines.

• 6-month warranty on consumables (i.e. laser tube and power supply)